You Can Do It – Go for It!

Gary’s daily message -what more can I say?


Here we go again….I picked up a book by Napoleon Hill and he makes a comment about the 25 years he invested interviewing successful people across the country.  I am going to quote his full statement.

“During my quarter-century of research into the causes of success and failure I have discovered many principles of truth which have been helpful to me and others, but nothing I have observed has impressed me more than the discovery that every great leader of the past, whose record I have examined, was beset by difficulties and met from temporary defeat before arriving.” – Napoleon Hill

What this tells me friends is this, step out and start doing what you know you should be doing, you’ll get better as you go.  Yes it might be difficult, so what?  It’s difficult in some way for everyone.  All I know is this, Shaklee is an incredible opportunity and you’ll be tested as all of us have been in previous years… about last week?????

Don’t worry about making mistakes, setbacks, challenges  or what people might say.  The more attempts you make, the less mistakes you’ll make.  It’s incredibly important to be willing to step across the line and just do the work.   YOU CAN DO IT!

GO FOR IT!    the Dream Plan is working all across the country and you can and will find the people who wants what you have to offer.   Just commit to do the work!

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