Who Encourages the Leader?

Today’s Message from Gary


A major piece of the formula for being consistent with your effort is to understand that it is each individuals responsibility to keep themselves encouraged.  I think you would agree that while building our future there will be setbacks, disappointments, frustration at times, and of course challenges.  Everyone faces those things and it’s not just about business….it’s about life in general.

A person has to have some way to encourage themselves.  It might be a word, a statement, maybe special music, or read a chapter every day from your favorite book.  I try to read a chapter from the book of Proverbs in the Bible every day…there are 31 chapters so reading one a day works pretty good.  I also have special music that inspires me.  At times I repeat a favorite principle to myself…..example….Probably my favorite principal is…..

Keep saying what you see (vision) until you see what you’ve been saying.

I did that for 8 years.  I either said to myself or thought about being a Master Coordinator for 8 years.  Every day…and I mean every day….I reminded myself  EVERY DAY that I was willing to do whatever it takes to get to that rank.

Here is a really good one that Sue Olsen used to help herself achieve a trip to Hawaii.

” I will not allow challenges to become excuses!”

Sue had this on her computer, on her refrig, on the bathroom mirror, and other places around her home.  Why?  To remind herself not to keep making excuses for doing what she really wanted to do.  Yes, Sue did qualify for that Hawaii trip.

Think about it.  What do you do to encourage yourself?


Gary Burke

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