What’s the most exciting thing?

I stumbled across this question last week in my notes “What’s the most exciting thing happening in your life right now? I tried it out at a business networking event last week and at an appointment and it is one of the best I have ever used. I made a couple of new friends that night based on the conversation that was started with this question.

It is great because.

  • It is open ended
  • It elicits an emotional response from the person.
  • It causes them to open up and tell you about their life.
  • Eventually they usually get around to asking you what is exciting in your life.
  • You can refer back to it later in the conversation or presentation.


What is the most exciting thing happening right now in your personal or business life?

What are you excited about right now in your personal or business( or work) life right now?

I give everyone the challenge to ask this question to at least three people this week and see what happens – please post comments, results here


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