What motivates people?

Although I have heard this message many times  from my mentor Gary Burke it is one that bears repeating and constant reminder. It is all about ideas! Are you communicating to people about ideas?
I have probably written about this in the past but it’s worth repeating if I have.  One question I am asked quite frequently is, “How do you motivate people?”  Somehow  we get the idea that’s it’s our job to motivate people.
The best answer is our job isn’t to motivate people our job is to find people already motivated and show them an incredible opportunity to work with awesome products as well as earn whatever it is they need.   If you have strong belief that what you have to offer is unique and very special, you won’t have trouble attracting the right people.
Another way to look at that question, “How do you motivate people?”   is simple….That’s the wrong question to be asking.   A better question is,  “What motivates people?”   I believe this is a simpler approach than trying to motivate people yourself.
Here is what I believe is the answer to “what motivates people?”
IDEAS motivate people.   Ideas!  Better health is an idea. living debt free is an idea.  Earning more $$ than you need is a good idea. earning a monthly car payment is a good idea.  Earn a trip…GREAT idea.  Helping other people is an idea.  Shaklee provides us with lots of ideas.
Over the years I have learned this, when you put the right ideas in front of the right people, they are going to do this business. This isn’t just about a company and some great products. To me it’s about ideas, lots of really good ideas.
Here is what happened to me on May 1st, 1970.  I called a guy who I was told was looking for people.  I didn’t know him.  I called him then went to his home where he showed me the Shaklee opportunity.  He talked about the company, the products and many ideas like I have in the last paragraph.   When I think back to figure out what it was he said to me on that day that made me curious enough to attend meetings to find out if this were true, it was the ideas he mentioned.  IDEAS!
Think about it.  How many ideas are you telling people about in your presentation?   Remember, when you give the right idea to the right person….
Gary Burke

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