What is your view? Products? Opportunity?

Hi Team,

I was excited to read Gary’s daily message this morning as it fit in with a bunch of my thinking this week.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with some of you on the phone and in the GoToMeeting room. A few observations.

  • When we start out many of us tend to lead with the products because it is a more comfortable place to be. ( I was there for many years)
  • More than one of you has said “I don’t want to be pushy” in describing your experience about talking with people and following up.
  • More than one of you has told a story about someone saying the products are too expensive.
  • More than one of you has expressed that you are not that comfortable talking to people about the opportunity.

Please read the message from Gary that I just posted and do a mental inventory about what your belief level is about what we have to offer people. Think about what sort of conversations you are having with people. Are you talking about the possibilities for them?

Bill said something to me awhile back  that went something like this.

If we lead with the products people see Shaklee as something they have to spend money on.

If we lead with the opportunity the first impression people will have of Shaklee is to see it as a way to help them earn money, change their life, change the world

Which do you think is a more powerful message in today’s economy?

Comments, questions… are welcome

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