What is possible?

What possibilities do you want to consider for yourself? Or others? Paint a vivid picture of what you would like your life to look like and you will stay the course to make it a reality. Here’s a refection from my friend and mentor Gary Burke about possibilities…

I was reading something yesterday and I came across the word possibility.  The person who was writing it said “we shouldn’t ever lose our sense of possibility…….because that’s all we have.”   That makes me think.    
When I was thinking of making a change in my career, mainly because I felt I had a good job but I didn’t have a future.  It was a job.  A good job, but for me it was just a job.  I started to get serious about making a change and one thing I discovered once I got lucky and found Shaklee,  it wasn’t just about me making a change, it was that I had to change.   
Once I saw the Shaklee opportunity it literally captured my thinking.  What if…..?    What if it’s true about what is possible with this company?   What if it’s true about the products?  What if it’s true that a person could actually have their own business without knowing squat about business?   It was very exciting to say the least.  
The opportunity was exciting….but I had zero experience doing what they seemed to say had to be done.   I didn’t have many options and as I think back I believe it was because of all the possibilities Shaklee offered that I stuck with it to learn what was true.   I wondered many times if I could really have a large Shaklee business.  What stuck with me were the possibilities.   That was the attraction for me.  The future.  To build not just sell or make transactions.   The idea of building stuck with me as I evaluated.
I had a lot to learn.  I had to develop new skills…..prospecting – Yikes!  Give presentations.  Yikes!  Eventually conduct meetings.  Ditto!  The personal development side of the business was huge for me as I reflect back.   Obviously I did make the right decision and that was to learn what had to be learned, then to do it and grow a future.   Bottom line it was still the possibilities that pulled me into the business.  
What’s possible for you?  Are you accepting the challenge?   Go for it!   Make things happen!
Gary Burke

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