What are you doing up on the roof?

johnonroofI heard my friend John speak a few weeks ago about how healthy he is at the age of 79 and with his permission I am sharing this compelling story with you.

“What are you doing up on the roof?”

my wife Bonnie yelled to me one morning awhile back. She gets worried about me doing things like that because I’m 79 years old. Most guys my age aren’t doing the kinds of things I do everyday. I’ve worked my whole life in the building industry. For 52 years I’ve been doing construction and home remodeling.  Most people my age have hip replacements, knee replacements and are on lots of medications, but not me. I just take lots of Shaklee and no drugs.

20 years ago I saw my wife get well from a chronic condition called Crohn’s disease. She was really sick and practically bed ridden. Someone told her about the health benefits of Shaklee and I encouraged her to give it a try. When I saw her have a complete recovery I figured maybe this stuff would help me with my aches and pains from my arthritis.

The docs were telling me that my spine was deteriorating and if I didn’t stop working I would be in a wheel chair in 5 years because of the arthritis. I was in a lot of pain, so I figured if Shaklee helped Bonnie, maybe it would help me too. She used to get mad at me early on because I was swiping her supplements. She said “we barely have enough money for this stuff”. I told her “I’m sick too”. So she called up the guy who we were getting our products from and said, “I got a find a way to afford this stuff, can you help me sell this to other sick people I know.” That’s how she started our business.

I’ve been taking a full Shaklee program for 20 years and I feel great. I take two of the vitamin strips a day – one in the morning

We got well together thanks to Shaklee.

and one at night. I also take lots of alfalfa, protein shakes and the Joint Health Complex.

I don’t have any pain. I feel like I did in my 40’s and I’m still working.

I just bid on a kitchen remodel project. I talk to everybody about how Shaklee has helped me, but most of them won’t listen. Especially my family. They spend lots of money on drugs and on surgery… but they won’t take the step to invest in their health with Shaklee.

I’m really liking the new Life Plan. I think it is helping my circulation. Sometimes I get leg cramps when I’m standing on a ladder most of the day. But now with the LIfe Plan I’m not getting those cramps anymore. And the new Life Shake tastes great, not like the Soy Protein we first started on. I’m so grateful that Shaklee came into our lives and saved Bonnie from Crohn’s and helped an old guy like me stay active and able to continue working. I hope you’ll give Shaklee a try – don’t be like my stubborn family. All the products are guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you don’t feel better you call up Bonnie or your distributor and they’ll get you a refund!

I'm grateful to share important life moments with my family.

I’m grateful to share important life moments with my family.

-John Zeman

View a video about the new Life Plan here.


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