What are the two skills?

I’m so fortunate to have a mentor with as much experience and wisdom as Gary Burke. Here is his message for today.



When I got involved in Shaklee on May 1st, 1970 I was curious to check this new idea out to see if it was everything this guy I just met made it out to be.  It didn’t take long to learn that the opportunity was much better than what I thought it was (that took me 4 months).   My next step was to learn what is it a person has to do to become highly successful in building a future in Shaklee.
Fast forward 42 years. Yikes!   But the fact of the matter is the requirements for succeeding today in 2012 are the same as it was decades ago.  It’s about belief, developing skills, sponsoring, meetings, leadership and of course having a good positive attitude about yourself, the products and the opportunity.  There aren’t any secrets friends.  
Yes we have better tools today and the Shaklee home office does so much more for us out here in the field than they did decades ago.  We can communicate incredibly fast with people, Shaklee does the research and development, they make sure our products are absolutely THE BEST available.  They ship orders for us where previously we handled the shipping.  They pay monthly bonuses for us.  As far as I’m concerned the company makes it a lot easier to build.  Here’s why….Our main job or task in today’s world is to talk to people, follow-up, sponsor, recruit and then train.
To me it comes down to this……Asking yourself questions…..What skills do I need, right now that will help me perform at a higher level?  What are the 2 skills I should be working on RIGHT NOW that I know will increase my ability to grow?    Whatever your answer is on that last question is exactly what you should want to be working on…..Today…This week…All month…..doing whatever it takes to give yourself an advantage for building.  
I think for most people the answer would probably be….”I need to find new people, I need to find people who want to build a Shaklee business.”   Then it’s rather easy to know what you should be doing…..develop the skill for finding new people.  Builders.  New people coming into your organization will solve most problems you think you may have.
I think a huge part of the answer is one word….FOCUS!   Once you develop the confidence and skill for locating new people, you can give yourself a $500/mo to $2000/mo. raise in income any time you choose to work hard.   Do you want to give yourself a $6000.00 to $20,000.00 annual raise? It’s happening folks….there are people out there right now who doing it.


Gary Burke

I’m here to help you work on those skills that you need to develop. Just ask.



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