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Hi Team Up Group,

I’m excited about the opportunity to work with all of you to help you grow your business this quarter. Our team has 6 official members (that’s the limit) that will be meeting regularly on Friday mornings at 9am central time via conference call line. 218-339-4600 Pin 1065001#.

Our first call will me Friday August 13

Our team is
Julie Hornung – director in Shaklee and stay at home mom
Young Park – new distributor and business owner of Social Life Dance Studio
Rebecca Blatter – new distributor in Young’s group
Jenny Utrie – stay at home mom and friend of Julie’s
Beth Rosenthal – massage therapist 
I will facilitate the group.

I may also do an evening call with
Sheryn Madrano – massage therapist from California
Liz Kaetterhenry – librarian and new distributor in Young’s group

  • Here are details.
    You will earn points for sponsoring new members and distributors and for reaching a new rank. Please e-mail me with a goal of how many points you would like to earn this quarter (July – Sept) sometime before August 13. Click below to learn more about Team Up. http://www.shaklee.net/members/articles/corporate/team_up_2010_details
  • Weekly you will need to listen to the Shaklee Fast Track call. Monday nights at 7pm in any time zone starting Monday August 23. There is a call tonight if you want to get in the habit, then next series starts on the 23rd. Following the Monday night broadcast, each FastTRACK call is placed on rebroadcast for one week on 1-512-703-6147. 

Next FastTRACK Call:
Monday, August 2
7:00 p.m. in Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific Time Zones. 

PIN No: 951025#

On our weekly Friday call be prepared to share for a few minutes what you are doing to grow your business. What’s working – what questions you have, what you see as challenges… We’ll keep it a fun and supportive exchange of ideas.


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  • Julie

    Your blog looks great Monica! Thank you for incorporating the Team Up details. I look forward to seeing you in Anaheim tomorrow! Julie 🙂

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