Weekly Team Calls

Hi Gang,

Feedback so far is that people like our weekly touch base team calls and Friday seems to be a good slot. This week’s call I would like to do at 9:30 am. We can get caught up on what is happening for each of us and chat about who wants to continue. I have a couple of new people joining my team – Robin who is living in China teaching English to Chinese University students and Kay who lives in the Chicago area and just upgraded her membership to gold. You are both welcome to weekly calls. Robin if this time slot is a possibility for you we could look at switching from the conference call line to using Skype. Sheryn I know early morning isn’t the best for you – if there are other people who prefer an evening call I am willing to plan that into my schedule each week.

THIS WEEK’S CALL – Friday October 8 at 9:30 am
218-339-4600 , pin 1065001#

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