Wage War on Mediocrity

Gary’s daily message,
I’m stepping over the line in the sand – who wants to come with?
I read the following in a book I’m reading and it just won’t leave me alone.  It keeps coming back at me in my mind so I figured it must be a topic for a daily message.  It’s about making a difference, it’s about how you (me to) can make a difference in your life and business.


              If your desire is truly to make a difference in your business
                 as well as in your life, you must wage war on mediocrity.
Another word for mediocrity is average….being average isn’t what I would call an inspiring goal.  Here are a few questions you might want to be  asking yourself……..Am I average?   Have I settled for mediocrity?   Am I doing the best I can or can I really do better?    Am I ready to make my move and make 2012 be a difference maker of a year?
I think it’s a good thing to ask yourself questions like above.  Go for a walk and think about it.  If you have some downline who you know can do better, start asking them if they would like to make a difference in their business and life this year.
The real key is this…the best way to attack this issue is for you the leader to make a decision to step across the line in the sand and set the example for everyone in your downline.  The two most powerful things in the world are in this order….1. Prayer!    2. Example!      Something to think about.
Gary Burke

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