Training vs. Trying

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Read Gary’s message carefully and know that the training that you need is here. I’m ready to train you in the practices Gary lists as basic and I have highlighted below. Just ask.

This title came from a book called….The Life You’ve Always Wanted. I took the liberty to lift a couple excerpts from this book review and make some comments because it certainly applies to what everyone wants to accomplish in Shaklee.

Gary Burke

Book Review – The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Trying hard can accomplish only so much. If you are serious about seizing the opportunity of a lifetime by building your Shaklee business, you will have to enter a life of training. You must arrange your life around certain practices that will enable you to do what you cannot do now by willpower alone.

When it comes to running a marathon, you must train, not merely try. The need for training is not confined only to athletics. Training is required for people who want to play an instrument or learn a new language or run/build a business. Indeed, it is required for any significant challenge in life.

THE PRINCIPLE: There is an immense difference between training to do something

and trying to do something.

Learning to build this Shaklee business is not a matter of trying harder, but of training wisely. For the most part growing a Shaklee business has been about training yourself. There is a learning curve in just about everything. If you decide to learn by trial and error, you can do that. If you decide that training will speed up the process, which it will, then you will find a mentor(s) and put yourself in a personal growth development phase….or environment.

In a marathon it would be unthinkable to just try harder verses going into a training regime. It comes down to respecting the distinction between training and merely trying hard. Change/personal growth can take place rapidly with proper training.

Imagine running 26.5 miles with no training….imagine sitting down to play a piano in front of 200 people and never practiced one moment in your life. There is a need for preparation and training.

Learning to THINK is as demanding as learning to run a marathon or play the piano. Good intentions do not make many changes happen.

There are various DISCIPLINES – What makes something a discipline depends on what we are training for.

What counts as TRAINING can only be determined when we know what it is we’re training for.

A DISCIPLINE: Any activity I can do by direct effort that will help me do what I cannot do by direct effort.

Disciplines are valuable simply because they allow us to do what we cannot do by willpower alone.

There are certain practices that are basic…..asking questions…..getting an appointment…..telling the Shaklee story…….follow-up……following up again……maybe do it again….leadership.

We must learn what specific barriers are keeping us from moving forward & growing our business. Then we must discover what specific practices, experiences, will help us overcome those barriers.

A disciplined person is a person who can do the right thing at the right time, in the right way that will be effective for them.

Wise training begins with a clear decision. Make good decisions and your future will change.


Gary Burke


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