Top Shaklee 180 Questions

As I engage people in conversations about their health and weight goals these are the concerns that come up.

Does it work?

From the hundreds of stories I have read and all I know about the science behind the Shaklee 180 products and the resources available I can confidently say YES!

Can I do it?
Watching my husband Derrick lose his pot belly and 30lbs in spite of cheating has given me confidence that anyone with a reasonable desire and willingness to make some changes can follow the simple Shaklee 180 program.

Can I afford it?

When you consider that the amount you will be spending at the grocery store, eating out, grabbing a snack on the run… will be going down I believe you will find Shaklee 180 very affordable. Add in the 3 for FREE option you will be saving money and getting healthier at the same time. I think the bigger question when you consider the cost of medical care is can I afford not to?



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