Tips on Sponsoring New People

Hi Team,

Here are some tips on sponsoring new people.

1. When someone is ready to order I usually take their information in person or over the phone and place the order for them rather than just send them to my website. It is good service and facilitates it happening rather than getting delayed. People get distracted and there is a potential for confusion or problems at the website.

2. This is the information you will need.
What they want to order
Mailing address
Shipping address if different – sometimes people want orders shipped to their business address.
e-mail address (optional but recommended so they receive confirmation on their orders and can use the member website)
CC # – preferred to use their card and billing address if different than mailing address.

You only need a social security number if they are signing up as a distributor $39.99 level or above.

3. You can sign them up at your PWS Personal Website or at the Member Website (myshaklee). Here are tips for each.

4. Personal websiteput items in their cart first – if there is any promo offer going on like the Cinch promo it will get triggered once items in cart reach $70. Then continue and follow links for becoming a member – select the appropriate membership level. Enter information as called for in form. Review order carefully before clicking final place order button.

5. Sponsor at My Shaklee. If you do not have a Personal Website or you want to sponsor someone under someone in your group you can do that at the Member Website. The link to sponsor someone is in the upper left hand corner right under your business at a glance section with your montly volume. Process is a bit different – you start application and then put items in the cart. On the screen where you select which membership they want is a drop down menu where you can select a different sponsor if you want to put them under someone in your group. On the next screen it will show the member pack and then there is a search field where you type in items you are looking for and then add them to cart – then it continues – just follow directions. And of course double check order and billing info before the final click.

5. ANY PROBLEMS CALL SHAKLEE AT 1-800-SHAKLEE or Field Support at 925-734-3636

6. More problems – call me


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