The Senior Version of the Energizer Bunny

On the surface this business I am in appears to be about selling products, but it is really about creating possibilities. I hold within my grasp each day this incredible power to create possibilities of better health and a better way of life for other people.

Even though I know the power of Shaklee products I still got goosebumps and a little teary eyed when I read this message from my friend and customer Colleen last night. Colleen has a disorder called ataxia which has progressed this past year affecting her ability to do many daily tasks we usually take for granted. Here is her message to me.


Hi Monica:

Thank you for letting me try a bottle of Vivix.  I never would have purchased
it based on what’s written about it.  Though, I guess that’s where you
come in.  To highlight certain products.  I suggest you suggest people
use it to get back some of the things they used to do.

Here are my experiences.
I took 1/2 tsp for 10 days and noticed my balance was improving a bit,
but I wasn’t yet convinced it was the Vivix so I upped the dose to 1
tsp/day.   I still had to wait.  It took 3 weeks for me to be

Something to note.  I used to take 1/2 dose in the am and 1/2 dose in
the pm, but it was keeping me up at night.  So I take only 1 dose/day.

I can tie my shoes without tipping over.
I can climb stairs without being winded.
I can put my pants on without sitting down.
I can put my shoes on without holding on to the counter.

Finally, I thought about this a lot and don’t think if I’d accepted
the free bottle a year ago the results would be the same.  I have to
live without something before I can appreciate having it back.

Vivix is a great product!  Thanks again for suggesting it.  I would say
now I am the senior version of the energizer bunny.

One of the gifts of my Shaklee business is the long term friendships I often form with my customers. One of my character traits is persistence. As Colleen mentioned for the past nine months or so she kept turning down my offer of a gift of a bottle of Vivix to try out. My gut instinct told me this product may help her. It wasn’t until we met for a “coffee visit” to get caught up on personal and Shaklee news that she made the decision to give Vivix a try. I’m so glad she did.

Colleen’s story is just one of many stories of the benefits of Vivix. The power of Vivix to help people lies in one of the key ingredients – resveratrol. You may have heard about it. That’s the stuff that is in the red wine that has been creating a stir in science and natural health circles the past few years. Besides resveratrol the not so secret ingredient that makes Vivix more powerful than other resveratrol products is the muscadine grape. To learn more about how Vivix may be able to create possibilities for you or someone you know click here.

Persistently Seeking Possibilities,

Monica Marrone

PS – Thanks to Colleen for allowing me to share your story. You are a brave woman and I feel blessed to know you.


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