The Roger Factor

Hi Team,

If we have a magic bullet in Shaklee I believe it is Roger Barnett. He is the reason I abandoned my career 6 years ago and his vision comes up over and over again when people talk about why they decided to pursue Shaklee (or join Shaklee as an executive). At a time when people are suffering financially, and there is little hope, vision, or leadership present – Roger stands out in the crowd.

Make the decision to come and hear him in person in Chicago are whatever city is nearest you in Oct. AND make the decision to invite a bunch of people to join you. If you get Roger in front of people you know – things will happen. Even if they don’t come things may happen. Around 4 years ago I invited Young to come hear Roger and of course he told me he was too busy running the studio, so I asked him to watch a DVD instead and the seed was planted…

Below is a link to a ┬ádocument with a bunch of inviting ideas. Browse it and find one that fits you or adapt one. Call me if you want to role play…

Inviting Scripts to hear Roger

Below is link to flyer for Chicago meeting – you can also download other cities at the member center.


And here is the video invite you can follow up with, email to people, post on facebook…

What I often do is print out the flyer and write the names of all the people I want to invite on the back. Paperclip your script and keep it in a prominent place. Make a decision to invite at least one person between now and Oct 4 – imagine what could happen!!!

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