The Promise of a Future


One thing that always stimulates activity is new thinking and of course new behavior.  I want to share an idea with you to start off the week that I believe is a very powerful idea and something I personally thought about many, many times over the years as we were building our Shaklee business.
Here is the idea or thought.  The promise of a future is very energizing.  Just think about that for a minute or two.  What we have to look forward to with the Shaklee opportunity is about building ourselves a future.  That’s what I was looking for when I found Shaklee, a future………actually I was looking for a job and I got lucky and found this business. 
As I think back to those early years the one thing I had faith and belief in was that there was an incredible future with this opportunity.  I just had to take advantage of it.  I had to fight doubt at times, negativity of others, discouragement and disappointment of course happens to everyone.  But I just knew that I knew the promise of a future was here if only I could stick with it and fight through the setbacks and obstacles I would be facing. 
Here we are in 2011 and the promise of a future with the Dream Plan that Roger and his staff created has never been more true.   I don’t know how hard you’re working at building your Shaklee business, but I know this……you’ll never regret working hard at building your future in this business.  What people usually end up regretting is what they didn’t do. 
It’s still true friends……In Shaklee there is a wonderful promise of a very exciting future.  Each individual just has to make their decision that they will take advantage of the opportunity.
Gary Burke

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