The Perfect Prospect

Here is Gary Burke’s profile for the kind of person he looks for to work with in his business.
I really like this profile and just created a word doc with same info and printed a couple of copies to put up in my office, to put in my notebook of contacts… so I can implant it in my brain and visualize who it is I am looking for to join my team.
My profile for the perfect prospect:  He or she is
  • friendly,
  • likes people,
  • laughs easily,
  • wants a better future,
  • ask questions,
  •  is willing to accept coaching,
  • has good work ethic, and most of all
  • is willing to fail…or learn lessons.
If a person has 2 or 3 of those points…GREAT prospect…but to me for being a perfect prospect, they must be willing to fail.

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