The Magic Bullet

Hi Team,

I’ve been thinking about a question someone brought up last week on the business leader conference call “What are you holding on to that is hindering you from growing? This person shared her decision to “Act in Faith” rather than be “paralyzed by fear”.

I believe that it is always fear that holds us back. Fear of what someone will think of us, fear of offending someone, fear of failure…. it absolutely is paralyzing.

Sometimes when I hear stories of people that are growing rapidly in Shaklee I wonder “Is there a magic bullet?” What are they doing that I am not doing? Why isn’t my business growing like theirs?

I’ve decided that if there is a magic bullet it is doing what that woman shared on the call last week. “Acting in faith rather than being paralyzed by fear.” And I’m taking the leap of faith.

What’s happening so far? I’m having fun. My energy and enthusiasm is high. I have two appointments a day starting tomorrow through the end of the week.

I invite you to take the leap with me. It will be loads more fun to share the journey.

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