The Journey

Hi Team,

I pray every (well almost every) morning that God will help me be an effective leader and give me the wisdom to help each of you achieve your goals in Shaklee. This is the image/analogy  that came to me this morning.

It is not my job to dangle Shaklee success in front of you and give you a map and tell you to go navigate the journey on your own and hope that you avoid the detours, pitfalls and obstacles on your own.

Rather is is my obligation to travel with you, to hold your hand and experience the journey with you. To help you get up when you fall. ..

To show you how to climb over the big boulders you encounter along the way.

To lead you back to the path when you get lost.

To wake you up if you happen to fall asleep and remind you where you are headed. To clarify the picture of the wonderful prize that awaits you at journey’s end (not that the journey ever ends)

To acknowledge and applaud you when you do overcome obstacles.

To encourage you to continue.

And rejoice with you when I realize that you are confidently managing the journey on your own and I don’t need to hold your hand any longer. Maybe I just stop and chat for a few minutes when I meet you along the roadside.

And then comes the day when I run into you on the road holding someone else’s hand. I give both of you a big hug. Welcome the new person and then.

My heart rejoices because I know you won’t get lost again and the cycle begins again.

Thank you for the privilege to travel on this wonderful journey with you. I see wonderful things ahead for all of us.

With much love,


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