The Difference Depends On…

Gary has nailed it on the head again – we all have choices.
Many times over the years I’ve been asked about what it takes to be successful in this Shaklee business. There’s many answers of course but I usually like the more simple approach. Of course it takes hard work, attitude, persistence and many other what I like to call the intangibles. Things you can’t put your arms around….ideas are like that as well.
I don’t recall where I found this comment but I saved it because of it’s simplicity.
                The DIFFERENCE between what one person and another achieves
                              depends more on goal CHOICES than on ABILITIES.
Here it is again friends, it’s more about choices we make than it is about how talented or what our ability might be. Choices! Of course the intangibles are choices for the most part. An example…if a person has a good attitude and is what I like to call an over-comer, they will always figure it out. They don’t create reasons why it’s not going like they want. That person thinks it through, makes a CHOICE and starts to move forward.
I’m back to the idea of making 2012 your best year ever. As this year winds down and you think about what’s in store for you and your future, remember the comment above…..we all have the same opportunity and that is we get to choose what our 2012 will be like. You and I get to decide about our future and what it will become.
It doesn’t get simpler than this……CHOICES! What’s your’s going to be?
Gary Burke

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