The Art of Inviting

Hi Team,

Once you make a habit of inviting people it gets easier. Remember we are only asking them to come and take a look at what we have to offer in Shaklee. There is no obligation for them to do anything. Here are my tips on the Art of Inviting.

1. Be Excited

People will become curious about what you are so excited about. People will be attracted to you because of your excitement. Not too many people today are optimistic and excited about the future.
I’m really excited about something new in my life and I wanted to share it with you.

2. Know who you are looking for.

I’m looking for people who… want to get healthy and want to make extra money.
I’m looking for people who are passionate about the environment.
I’m looking for people who have an entreprenuerial spirit….
I’m looking for people who are worried about losing their job
I’m looking for people who are concerned about their retirement.

3. Affirm them

I thought about you because I really care about you and I’m so excited about this thing that I just really want to share it with you.
I thought about you because you have always been supportive of me and I knew it would be easy for me to ask you to do me a favor and take a look at this thing.
I thought about you because… I know you are passionate about health and do a good job of taking care of yourself.
I thought about you becauseĀ  you know a lot of people and I’m looking to talk to a lot of people in the next couple of months.
I thought about you because you mentioned that you’re concerned about how you are going to pay for your daughter’s college education.

4. Ask them to do something specific- items at top of the list are the best place to start.

An in person or phone appointment with you and your sponsor
Come to an in home presentation or Grand Opening at your home.
Come to a larger Shaklee event.
Join you on the Monday night Burke webinar.
If you can’t get an appointment ask them to watch a short video – I would recommend your favorite Roger video or one of the Shaklee Success story videos (pick a story you believe they would relate to)

Once you get the hang of this it can be habit forming and the possibilities are endless. Please post comments. I am interested in your feedback and am willing to help you write a short inviting script tailored to your situation.

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