The Art of Aging Well

Got a compliment yesterday from a business professional who seemed surprised when I revealed my age. “Really, you look good!” “Well that’s my business.” I replied.

Since my rather tardy start as a mom at age 39 I have been on a mission to do whatever I can to stay well and remain active. I like to pick out older women that are ageing gracefully (your perspective on older changes as you get older), and use them as my role models.

Here are profiles of a few women who inspire me to take care of myself and live life with passion and purpose. What I look for in my role models. Women who…

1. Look  like they are 10-15 (or more) years younger than they are.

2. Are healthy enough to lead an active lifestyle no matter their age.

3. Have achieved success in their business life so that money in not a concern.

4. Are still passionate about what they do even though they have been doing it for a long time.

5. Have control over their time and money so that they can give freely in both arenas.


Gail and I at the beach in front of her lakeside home


My dear friend Gail is one of the most energetic, upbeat,optimistic people I know. I like to say she has more enthusiasm for life than most women I know who are half her age. She spends most of her summer chasing after her 7 grandkids while they visit her lakefront remodeled Victorian. Other endeavors? Volunteering at her church, feeding the homeless, bible study, AND helping people like me get started in business. Thank you Gail for being a friend, mentor and inspiration.



One of my mentors Jonette Coogan

I like to spend time with (and learn from ) successful, smart women and I put Jonette at the top of my “I’m blessed to have her as a mentor” list. She qualifies in all of my five categories. Her and her husband Mike have had a 6 figure income for over 15 years. Since money is not an issue, she and her husband Mike feed their desire for travel each year with an international trip as well as travel here in the states. Added bonus – they were able to pick up and move a few years ago to be closer to their children and grandchildren without a glitch in running their business.



Me and Lorraine who seems to defy aging



I first met Lorraine around 10 years ago and I saw her two months ago at a conference and I had to tell her I thought she didn’t look any older than when I met her! Although she is more than 20 years my senior she does not fit the stereotype of someone her age. She is healthy, looks good, has a sporty contemporary look, and is very successful (6 figure type) in her business.




I’m steering my course to emulate and learn from these women the art of aging well. Want to come along? Read more about  why I got started. Leave me a comment or check out my website for more information about what I do.

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  • Joanette Coogan

    Monica, Wow!! What a wonderful way to make someone feel so special. Thank you so much. But, the truth of the matter is is that you are a most eager learner. As someone wise once said, “When the learner is ready, the teacher appears.” So you can take a lot of credit for being someone who is ready, willing and able to be mentored.

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