No More Eczema

Testimony by Michelle LeVeque

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I am excited about sharing my health story because I always said that if I could find a natural solution for overcoming my eczema, then I would share it with the world. As it turns out, I’m too shy to make that happen, but my hope is that by at least sharing my story with as many people as I can, then someone might be able to benefit from it, or know someone who could. In a nut shell, eczema is very blotchy, red, dry patches of skin. My symptoms started in sixth grade when I had one finger break out in a rash. I went to the doctor, but I wasn’t given much explanation as to what it might be, just a prescription for a cream to relieve symptoms. I understand that creams and lotions have their time and place, but when they’re being used to treat something on one’s hands, then it doesn’t seem to be overly effective to me… maybe put it on at night and hope that helps, but during the day, forget it! So… within the next few years, the rash got worse and spread. I now had it all over my hands, my arms, and legs. The next time I went to the doctor (some time in high school), I was given the diagnosis of eczema and a prescription for a steroid cream. At the time, I was relieved to know what was going on, however, the cream was still not proving to be overly effective. After a while, I just abandoned using the cream all together and learned to just deal with having a painful rash all the time. This worked okay until my daughter was born in August of 2008. I got terribly flared up after that and forced myself to go back to the doctor  to inquire about some sort of natural solution… maybe food-based. I think the doctor thought I was crazy for asking such a thing by the look she gave me, and I was offered once again, a prescription for a steroid cream. This time, my stubbornness kicked in and I declined the prescription. However, the rash was continually getting worse and worse… I could barely bend my fingers at times with how swollen they were, I had lost most sensation in my finger tips, I often had cracks that would bleed, etc. I was determined to find some sort of natural solution, but I found it very difficult to put much time into researching it with two small children at home. So when I heard from a friend about Shaklee being the number one natural nutrition company in the US last fall, I was immediately intrigued. I started taking the Vitalizer strips in November and within about a week I could see that my skin was clearing up. After about a month it was remarkably better, but still very itchy which I think significantly delayed healing. After we upgraded to the gold membership, we got the bottle of Vivix and decided to try it around Christmas time. I will never forgot that it was Christmas day that I could finally bend my fingers with ease… I was amazed. I was actually only taking half of the recommended dose, a half of a teaspoon, and it still worked very quickly for clearing up my skin… no more blotchy or itchy areas. By the end of a couple of weeks of taking half a teaspoon of Vivix every morning, my eczema was gone!! So I can’t say enough about the Vitalizer and Vivix combination. As a side note, my husband also likes to share his story about overcoming his asthma after just 4 days of taking the Vitalizer strips. And a quick note on the kid’s vitamins… this past winter was the first ever that neither of my kids had a fever… minor colds, that’s it. Thank you Shaklee!