More Energy in 2 Days says Dr. Judy
Some years ago a woman invited me to try Shaklee’s multi-vitamin. I said, “No by definition, doctors don’t need vitamins. I eat better than anyone I know, if anyone does not need them, it is me.” She told me that if I didn’t feel better I could get my money back, so I set out to prove her wrong.  After 2 days, I could tell that I had more energy and did not need to take a nap every day as I had done for most of my adult life.  The difference was like night and day for me. I went back to this woman and said, “These are like gold!”                                 –
Judy Ciasto, M.D.
Madison, WI

Nanny has Energy to Keep Up With the Twins.
My daughter, who is a nanny, took home the Vitalizer on friday. When she returned on monday she reported with great enthusiasm that ”this stuff” was really great; noting that on previous weekends after taking care of the ”twins” she would just about sleep the weekend away. This time, after taking the vitalizer, she was up and doing and had the energy and drive to go places she would have avoided before. She wanted to make sure a resupply would be on hand when her current strips are finished.
Stan Redwood