TestimonyGlucose Regulation Complex

By Leopold Gordon
Quebec, Canada

June 8, 2006

Dear Mrs. Gayle,

I am writing to you as an extremely happy and thoroughly satisfied customer, regarding the usage of one of your companys product namely: Shaklee Glucose regulation Complex which I have been taking since the 6th of April 2006.

After been diagnosed as a type II diabetic while studying in England in August 1996, ever since that time, I have been using three types of different medications with the hope of effectively controlling the disease. But from my perspective, the medications were not very effective.

However, it is only when I started taking Shaklees Glucose Regulation Complex, that a dramatic change began to occur regarding my various readings! My type II diabetes is now under total control! Thanks to the wonderful results of your product.

In closing, may God continue to richly endow your research staff with an abundance of great knowledge and personal insight, in helping them to attain many moments of scientific victories in their various fields of research!

From a deeply grateful heart, I thank all of you!

Yours truly,

L. Winston Gordon