Success Stories

Maria Cloutier
Maria’s Shaklee business changed her life by allowing her to be at home to raise her children. She says “I’m not a super star. I’m just a normal person who loves to help othe people.”

Sara and Derek Hein
The Hein’s are living their dream in Wisconsin on their “playground” – 80 acres with their three children. Shaklee saved their life when the economy went south.

Tammy Ale
After 25 years as a Chocolatier and working 7 days a week she got excited when she looked at Shaklee. She thought “Gee I can work part-time and make a full-time income in Shaklee.” She’s traveling on the FastTrack to making $100,000 in 15 months.

Dean and Brenda Aldridge
Dean and Brenda are the first team to become Executive Coordinators under the FastTrack Incentive program earning $100,000 in just 8 months. One segment of their business is helping a local non-profit earn income through the Shaklee Fundraising Program.

Gail Davis
Gail and her husband Tom have worked for 20 years with a ministry that helps pregnant moms. They have developed a Plan B income with Shaklee since funding for Tom’s staff position with the non-profit ran dry.

Diane Bustamante
Diane is a nutritionist and a director in Shaklee and excited because her business has helped her buy her first home for her and her daughter Arianna. This is her dream home after living with her parents for almost 10 years after her husband died suddenly.

Kathy Farnham
When successful professional Kathy Farnham of Massachusetts couldn’t afford to take time off to care for her ailing parents, she started looking for a home-based business. A faithful Shaklee consumer, Kathy was pleasantly shocked to learn she could put family first, help people and the planet, AND make a lot of money.

Harrison Luke and Jennifer Yang
Harrison Luke started his Shaklee business on November 1, 2008, and within six months had achieved Executive Coordinator status. Jennifer Yang joined Shaklee under Harrison, and is now a Senior Coordinator.

Theresia Radtke
Young environmental educator finds her Shaklee business to be the perfect fit with her lifestyle.

Jack and Jude Peskuski
Jude & Jack Peskuski share how Jude’s Shaklee business helped her stay home with her kids and helped when Jack was laid off from his corporate job, becoming a 6-figure income for them and a lifestyle they will always be grateful for.

Beth Duris
Beth is a Coordinator in Shaklee and a single Mom with three young kids. After her marriage of 17 years came to an end and 10 years out of the job force she pursued her dreams with Shaklee.

Shawn and Carmen Gray
Master Coordinators Shawn and Carmen are growing their team in Fargo North Dakota and in China, splitting their time between both sides of the world.

Carlin Chew
Carlin teaches Yoga, is a Graduate Student studying Marriage and Family Therapy, is a musician and enjoys rock climbing. Shaklee fits into her busy lifestyle and is helping her get through school without additional loans.

Matt and Megan Paddock
Master Coordinators Matt and Megan advise – take it one step at a time. 2nd Generation Shaklee family with four young children from Wisconsin.