Telling Your Shaklee Story

Learning to tell your Shaklee story – either health related or business story is really important to engaging people in a dialogue. One of our biggest obstacles to growing in Shaklee is overcoming the fear of offending people. Here is a secret – people will not be offended by a well told story. An engaging story will help them remember you, will give them a favorable impression of you, will peak their interest in learning more…

Tips – use descriptive language – paint a picture – use regular language – nothing beyond the vocabulary of a 6th grader.

Here’s a format.

My life before Shaklee – tell them what your life was like before you were introduced to Shaklee (but don’t say Shaklee in the description)

“I suffered from horrible allergies since I was in high school. They were so bad that…… tell them what you looked like, how you felt….

I was worn out and bored by my job. I had trouble focusing on my work because I didn’t want to do it anymore.  I realized that if I didn’t make a change my life would look the same in 5 years.. 

Then the life changing event. I was introduced to these products… and tell them what you looked like, how you felt, what was different – be descriptive – I was able to ride my bike for 100 miles without getting tired, my arms weren’t red anymore from excema, I didn’t have to carry around a box of kleenix because I wasn’t blowing my nose anymore.

OR I found out about this opportunity where I could use my talents to create an income that would pay me the rest of my life and the great thing is the way I achieve success is by helping other people be successful. This is what I always wanted to do – help other people.

End with a question – 
I’m looking for other people with allergies, asthma, sick kids… (whatever it is ) so I can share my story and this information. Who do you know who may want to hear about this?

Or – I’m looking for other moms who want to make a $1000 a month while taking care of their kids. I know you know a lot of stay at home moms or moms who work part time – who comes to mind that may want to hear about this?


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