What are you doing up on the roof?

I heard my friend John speak a few weeks ago about how healthy he is at the age of 79 and with his permission I am sharing this compelling story with you.

“What are you doing up on the roof?”

my wife Bonnie yelled to me one morning awhile back. She gets worried . . . → Read More: What are you doing up on the roof?


Get Well Tea

At the first sign of a sniffle or throat tickle we brew up a batch of this tea. I usually grind up the Defend & Resist and Chewable C ahead of time and keep it in a spice far. Combine with a good night’s sleep and it almost always chases away the bug.

Get Well . . . → Read More: Get Well Tea


The Truth About Soy

Click here for myth busters.

Trying to sort out the truth about soy can be a bit confusing these days as in recent years it has gone from being touted as a super food to being something you may want to avoid. I’ve compiled this information for the curious folks that want to get . . . → Read More: The Truth About Soy


An invitation to meet Gary

When Gary Burke was introduced to Shaklee over 40 years ago he had no skills and lived in a crumby apartment. He was intrigued by the concept of living debt free and wondered if what he heard was true. He decided to stick around long enough to answer four questions.

Tune in to . . . → Read More: An invitation to meet Gary


Women’s Health Focus

One of my lifelong goals is to stay as healthy as I can so I can be active all my life and still be having fun with my family and friends into my 80’s and beyond. Want to join me? All to often as women we turn our focus toward taking care of others. Why . . . → Read More: Women’s Health Focus


Summer Shape Up

Hey- I’m excited to report this offer has been extended till the end of June – Why not make this your Shape Up Summer.

Less than 3 weeks till SUMMER!

Are you ready to welcome the season of swimsuits and shorts supercharged – looking and feeling your best?

Not quite there?

Don’t fret – you . . . → Read More: Summer Shape Up


Digestion is the Gateway

Before beginning any weight loss or supplement program it is a good idea to make sure your digestive system is working well.

Natural Approaches to Digestive Health Adapted from Lagoni Health Associates

The Digestive system is critically important to the body… It is the gateway for all nutrients to reach the blood stream and eventually . . . → Read More: Digestion is the Gateway


Shake it Up!

A protein shake or smoothee in the morning is standard fare at our house. I usually experiment with what I have on hand, but having a recipe helps me get proportions right and more consistent results even if I substitute ingredients. If you are anything like me I tend to see a recipe and think . . . → Read More: Shake it Up!


Rub Elbows with Olympians

Monica and Caryn Davies – so I will never forget how short I am. I decided that her arms are probably as long or longer than my legs!


The perks for being a successful member of “The Shaklee Family” keep growing. Although I never imagined that building a business with Shaklee would lead . . . → Read More: Rub Elbows with Olympians


And the winner is…

Losing to win – interesting concept. A huge congratulations to Edgar Ortiz who grabbed a hold of a new way of life through the Cinch Inch Loss Program and came out the big winner in the Cinch Transformation contest sponsored by Shaklee. Here is his story.

1st Place Winner – $10,000 Edgar Ortiz (Distributor, CA) . . . → Read More: And the winner is…