Get Well Tea

At the first sign of a sniffle or throat tickle we brew up a batch of this tea. I usually grind up the Defend & Resist and Chewable C ahead of time and keep it in a spice far. Combine with a good night’s sleep and it almost always chases away the bug.

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Imagine the Olympic Testing Committee showing up

Imagine you are an athlete bound for the Olympics in a couple of months and one Saturday night your doorbell rings and you open the door to find the Olympic testing Committee ready to do a random test for banned substances.

How would you feel? Anxious? Nervous? How about confident and secure!

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Performance fuels 700 mile bike ride

Received this wonderful testimonial from a new customer yesterday and had to share it. Monica, I am nearly done with my 700 mile bike ride to raise money for the UW Cancer Research Foundation. I started on July 4th and am scheduled to finish on August 4th, my 70th birthday. I ride anywere from 25 . . . → Read More: Performance fuels 700 mile bike ride


Pure Performance

This hot dry weather is taxing on my garden, but also on us humans. As I go out to water the garden each day I am reminded that the people in my household need to stay hydrated too. Our drink of choice in the summer is Shaklee’s Performance Sports Drink. When you’ve been using Shaklee . . . → Read More: Pure Performance