Skincare, Skin Damage and the Black Light!

We had a lot of fun last night at my Healthy Holiday event and the ladies were fascinated with this photo.

This amazing image documents how this woman’s skin improved after using the Shaklee Enfuselle skin care line for a month. The last photo shows how her skin improved – the underlying damage from sun exposure… was lessened! Everyone was curious to see what damage their skin would show, so I dragged out the black light and we all went into the bathroom to take a peak.


It had been a really long time since I did this, but was happy to see that my “age spots” were less than some of the women 15 years younger than me. I am sure 10 years of using Enfuselle has had an impact.

 Watch a video to learn more.

Learn more about the products here

Give me a call if you are looking to look your best for the holiday and we can get you started right away on healthier skin.










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