Skillful Invitation + Massive Action = Sucess!

I keep referring back to this message that Barb Hill sent to Gary awhile back, so I am posting it here for easy reference. Lots of great tips for inviting and also a great example of what a focused massive action can bring. I totally believe we can replicate this in our group. I’m ready for massive action. Who said they want to be a director by end of Nov? They did it in a week and a half. We have 7 and a half – Who’s ready?
Dear Gary,

I had a number of questions regarding last week’s message and what I called “a skillful invitation”.
I had to chuckle because my new builder, Betsy, actually listened to what I suggested she do and it worked!   It is detailed in the “New Distributor Resource Guide”.
1.  Make the invitation personal, warm, friendly; either in person or by phone.
2.  Follow it up with an email invitation that gives more specific details.
3.  Make the invitee feel very comfortable by sprinkling the invitation with phrases like “no obligation, I don’t know if you will be interested, I’d love your opinion, I’m just launching my business and I’d love your support”
4.  Mention a reason you thought of them.
5.  Call them again to confirm they will be there and let them know how happy you will be if they can make it.
6.  If they can’t make it, ask them if they would like you to invite them to your next one.
7.  Be enthusiastic and passionate.  Practice it in advance so you sound natural and relaxed.
What is most exciting to me are the results of this ONE week of effort. We did 7 events total; including Betsys and then 3 of her downline. We had a total of about 35 people in attendance. The attendance ranged from 2 to 16.  We worked from 7 am and fell into bed at midnight.  🙂  It was challening, invigorating and tons of fun!  Like Jan Christensen says “the worst thing about Shaklee is not doing Shaklee.”  The best thing is doing it full speed ahead.  When you do it, it works.
We enrolled 8 members, 2 distributors and so far we have one Gold with a possibility of two more in the next 3 days.  That would be a total of 13 people .
We did 1700 in volume and if the other two Golds enroll before Wednesday we will have 2700 in volume.  If they don’t, I think they will by next month.  Promoting the Gold Plus pack, as you can see, was a huge factor. This one week alone could make Betsy a director. The important thing is she is committed to at least 2 per week on an ongoing basis as well as those planned by her builders.
It is no surprise to see the results possible if we put out the effort. We are going to keep a full court press on toward.
Barb Hill Behar


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