Sharing your Shaklee Story

Hi Team,

This weeks dream call is Pat Hintze and Jennifer Glacken on how to share your Shaklee Story. I highly recommend it. They have practical tips on your 30 second elevator story and your short – 2 minute story. Getting to the emotions of how Shaklee has impacted your life is the key. I am going to take some of what I learned and make some changes – particularly to my 30 second story. Please listen to the call. 512-703-6147. I would like to schedule time with each of you to help you develop and practice your story. Contact me to schedule a time.

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  • Young Park

    What I Do – (30 second story)

    My vision is to inspire people to make positive changes in their life. My passion has been teaching dance for the past 22 years, and continues to be. Still, I realized that I needed to find an additional source of income for my retirement.

    I found a vehicle that would allow me to continue my teaching and create a sustainable income. I’m looking for people who what to be healthy and people looking for opportunity, or both.
    Does that sound like you, or somebody you know?

  • Monica

    Hi Young,
    Thanks for sharing. Looks good on paper. Are you using it? Practicing it? It may adapt or change a bit as you are delivering it. Good job. I would like to start recording people doing their 30 second and 2 minute stories and get them out in the social media realm.

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