See the Doctor Once a Year

Does visiting your pediatrician once a year for a well baby or well kid checkup sound like a dream come true? Well that is the story Dr. Judy my business leader in Shaklee shared last night about their adopted son CJ. CJ first came into their home as a foster child at the age of 8 months with respiratory problems (and a warning that it may be asthma), and excema. She introduced age appropriate Shaklee supplements and CJ’s condition improved right away. He continued to be a very healthy baby and toddler with only one ear infection, one case of diahrrea and hardly any doctor visits. At one point her pediatrician said, “Well just because you are a doctor and your husband is a nurse that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring CJ in when he is sick”. Judy graciously explained that he just didn’t get sick. Today CJ is a healthy vibrant 11 year old and has continued with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and an age appropriate Shaklee supplement program as he has grown.



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