Rub Elbows with Olympians

Monica and Caryn Davies – so I will never forget how short I am. I decided that her arms are probably as long or  longer than my legs!


The perks for being a successful member of “The Shaklee Family” keep growing. Although I never imagined that building a business with Shaklee would lead me to meeting and socializing with Olympians, I like adding that to the list. We had six  members of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team join us as special guests on our recent incentive trip to the Mexican Riviera. It was great fun to share the experience with my teenage son David. We were both inspired by their stories and came away with renewed pride to be a part of Shaklee.

We had a special meet and greet session in which we heard from each athlete about their career and why they made the decision to join the Pure Performance Team. Over and over we heard from each athlete how at first they were skeptical and once they did research to learn about Shaklee they decided to try some products. After gaining experience with the products they jumped on board to join the Team.

Pure Performance Olympians Seth Kelsey, Caryn Davies, Eli Bremer, Margaux Isaksen, Cory Cogdell and Christina Loukas with David and me.

Here are some highlights of their athletic pursuits and favorite Shaklee products. Check out any of the links to learn more about each athlete.

Eli Bremer

Team “captain” so to speak, Eli has been using Shaklee products since he was 17. His sport of choice is really five in one. Eli competes in the Modern Pentathlon. His passion for excellence led him to a desire to share the benefits of Shaklee products with other Olympians. He is on a mission to grow the team in the years to come. Eli explained that he and Shaklee’s CEO Roger Barnett made the choice to focus only on Olympic caliber athletes for the Pure Performance Team as they have the toughest standards to abide by as far as avoiding banned substances. Their career and ability to compete are on the line each time they consume supplements.

Caryn telling her story about how Shaklee Energy Chews helped fuel her Olympic Gold.

Caryn Davies

I found Caryn’s story very inspiring since she described herself as the “older ahtlete” (at the age of 30) going into the London games. This three time Olympican did not let her age slow her down and came home with her third Olympic medal and second Gold medal.

Caryn’s favorite products
Shaklee Energy Chews – likes the caffeine and energy boost with out the upset caused by drinking coffee right before a race. She downed a couple of chews on the start line in London.

Cinch Shake – she noticed better recovery after workouts

Enfuselle Sunscreen – great protection without parabens since she is in the sun so much

Seth and Eli doing a fencing demonstration for us

Seth Kelsey

As a world class fencer Seth is drug tested 10-12 times a year! He is confident using Shaklee products and explained that they are “safer than eating meat in other countries”. This put an interesting perspective on just how meticulous these athletes need to be with everything that goes into and on their bodies. Although he missed a medal in London he did finish 4th which is the highest finish for an American fencer in 86 years.

Seth’s Shaklee Favorites

Vivix – for energy and endurance
Nutriferon Immune Booster– he travels 120 days a year and relies on Nutriferon to help him avoid getting sick.

Christina learning about the long term benefits of using Shaklee products from Dean Smith.

Christina Loukas

This two time Olympic diver and nine time National Champion explained that she too was skeptical at first when her friend and fellow diver Troy Dumais approached her about using Shaklee products.
Now she is glad she made the choice to add Shaklee to her routine, especially after hearing from Dean Smith. Dean is 86 and has been using Shaklee for over 40 years and started competing in indoor rowing  at the age of 80. He has won 11 gold medals in world competition as well as setting world records in his age division!

Marquax explaining that she stumbled into the sport of fencing because her sister was taking lessons.

Margaux Isakson

As an athlete competing in the Modern Pentathlon Margaux has to excel in so many disciplines: shooting, fencing, running, swimming, and equestrian jumping! Margaux is a two time Olympian and Youth and Junior World Champion.

Shaklee Favorites

Immune boosting supplements including Nutriferon. She explained that she had mononucleosis in 2011 and she attributes her quick recovery to the boost she received from taking Shaklee supplements. She was able to finish 4th in London and win the Junior World Championship just weeks after the London games.

Corey Cogdell

A Shaklee smoothie is a staple for Corey before competition.

Corey was the “rookie” in her sport of International Trapshooting in Beijing and surprised everyone by bringing home the bronze.  Although she didn’t finish as well as she would have liked in London she loved the experience of being with the best in the world. Her approach to life “You are who you hang out with.” We felt honored to have the opportunity to hang out with her and found her awesome smile and upbeat attitude contagious.

Shaklee favorite

Cinch Shake Not only did she use it to drop 10 lbs before London, she now likes it as her routine because she often is too nervous to eat the day of competition. She was skeptical as she had tried lots of other meal shakes that left her hungry an hour and a half later. Not so with the Shaklee Cinch shake.
Joint Health Complex – she shared this product with her boyfriend who plays in the NFL and he could tell that his knees felt better in a week!
Thanks to all the athletes for sharing their stories and welcome to “The Shaklee Family”.
Although I am back home and wearing wool sweaters to stay warm on this blustery fall day, I can put on my autographed hat and remember walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, and being inspired by our Shaklee Pure Performance Team.
Monica Marrone

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