Results Follow Effort

Hi Team,
Good message from Gary. What do you want your February to look like? It will be a reflection of your efforts in Nov, Dec, Jan. I’m available to help anyone create an action plan now so that Feb or March look spectacular.
After being gone for a couple weeks I was thinking about what message to start with and the thought came to mind about a principle that I learned very early in our Shaklee career. Actually, I heard this at some of the meetings I attended in 1970 and this principle still holds true.
Here we are in December and it’s always a busy month. Many people talk themselves into the idea that December is a slow month. NOT TRUE! Here comes the principle. December is a reflection of the efforts you did in September, October and November because the results in December reflect the effort from those months…which mean that there is usually a lag between when you are working your business and when you start seeing results.
Results follow the effort but not always immediately. If you sponsor someone who is ready and a real go-getter and works hard right out of the box sponsoring lots of people and makes sure that everyone starts with products this principle might not apply. Their results might be faster.
The reason I know this principle works this way for many of us, is because we qualified as sales leader in December of 1970 with 5100 PV. I was sponsored on May 1st, by the end of the 4th month, which was August, I had the belief I needed and I started being consistent with my efforts in September, October and November…..Then in Dec. our PV was 5100.
January will reflect your efforts from October, November and December. July will reflect your efforts from April, May and June. I hope this makes sense…think about it. Most people quit way to early and they give up because they aren’t seeing results immediately.
Make a commitment to work consistent, working hard for 6 to 12 months. You’ll see for yourself because your business will grow and it will be very fun and exciting.
Gary Burke

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