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This hot dry weather is taxing on my garden, but also on us humans. As I go out to water the garden each day I am reminded  that the people in my household need to stay hydrated too. Our drink of choice in the summer is Shaklee’s Performance Sports Drink. When you’ve been using Shaklee products for as long as I have you sometimes take if for granted that they work better, are backed by solid science, and are better for me than many of the name brands on the market. Every once in a while it is good to take a closer look at how our products stack up to the competition.  I was on a webinar this morning where they compared Performance to PowerAde, Gatorade, Vitamin Water… and I came away really grateful. Performance scores higher for results and purity and is competitive in cost per serving.

Performance® Score Card

  • Six hydrating electrolytes
  • -Including calcium and magnesium
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • -Including sucralose, aspartame
  • No artificial flavors
  • No synthetic colorants or stabilizers
  • Proprietary OPTI-LYTE electrolyte blend plus a unique mix of carbohydrates delivers instant and sustained energy.
  • Backed by laboratory tests with high-level athletes that show that Shaklee Performance maintains blood glucose levels to sustain energy output and to increase stamina.
Gatorade Score Card
Doing research on Gatorade is a bit overwhelming as there are so many product variations. Here’s a bit that I learned and links to more information. Ingredients include: water, high fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose syrup), sucrose syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, modified food starch, red 40 and glycerol ester of rosin, and sucralose in the G2 low calorie version shown at left.

I would much rather end on a high note (pun intended) so let’s take a closer look at the history of Performance. The history of the design of this high quality sports drink is pretty darn cool. Fact – this product was designed to fuel an athlete on a  human powered flight over the Agean Sea, called the Daedalus Project 

A world record human powered flight over open seas.

Pedaling the distance of three marathons – back to back.

One aircraft. One man. No engine.

Seventy-two miles.

No rest.

One fuel: Shaklee Performance.

Mission accomplished.

Comes in delicious orange and lemon lime flavors and a very cost effective sports team pack. I invite you to try out a small can and do your own comparison. Not happy for any reason? Just contact me for a refund.

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