Proud Parent Moment

I can remember the day I brought David home from the hospital and how ill equipped I felt as a parent. Where was the owner’s manual? I read and read books, but very quickly my gut instincts as a parent kicked in and I found myself nurturing, loving and applauding every time David hit a milestone of achievement.

When I started on my Shaklee journey and heard the Shaklee community referred to as “The Shaklee Family” at first I thought, “well that’s a bit of a stretch.” And then over time as I deepened my relationships with the people I met I realized that this family analogy rang true. Here was a group of people on a common mission with shared values AND they had a desire to help me learn, grow and be successful. Sounds like a family to me.

I’ve been blessed to have incredible mentors in Shaklee. They taught me by coaching me, believing in me, and most importantly by their example. Great leaders. And then I get the distinct pleasure of doing the same thing for someone else. And in this case the someone else is my dear friend Julie Hornung.

One week ago today I had that proud parent moment when I saw Julie on our nightly news sharing her passion for helping people improve their health through her Shaklee business while still being a busy mom of three. I was jumping up and down and applauding just as I would be doing if it were my son on TV. Here’s the clip.

NBC 15 News at Five: Julie Hornung interview

Working with you Julie, and watching you grow and “Get out of Your Box” has been so rewarding. A huge thank you to my “Shaklee Parents” – Gary Burke, Jo and Mike Coogan, Gail Bryant and Dr. Judy Ciasto. And all my Shaklee cousins who are too many to name. I am a better person for knowing you and learning from you.








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