Prospecting Philosophy

I’m so grateful that Gary keeps it simple.
  Everyone needs a prospecting philosophy.   At the bottom I will give you my profile a THE PERFECT PROSPECT.
Gary Burke
1. Look for people who want what Shaklee has to offer and are willing to do
     what we do.
2.  You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.
     You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person.
3.  Our job is NOT to convince and/or persuade people to get in Shaklee.       Our job is   to tell the Shaklee story in a very simple manner to as many people as possible.
4.  Asking questions is the most important skill to develop.  Never answer
     an unasked question.
5.  Do not become emotionally attached to answers people give…YES or NO.    Care about people but  you have to discipline yourself to NOT care about    answers.
6.  Become the BEST listener possible.   the goal is to ask questions and listen,  and allow the other person do most of the talking.
7.  Talk to 2 people a day in the name of Shaklee………
                      The result will lead to business   explosion.
8.  Everyone needs a system for meeting people you don’t know.
                                                   Small group presentations
                                                   Hand out flyers
Gary’s profile of THE PERFECT PROSPECT: 
                                    He or she is friendly, likes people, laughs easily,
                                    wants a better future, asks questions, willing to
                                    accept coaching, has good work ethic, and most
                                    of all is willing to fail.

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