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Whether you are a mom or a career woman or both, most women face health challenges related to unbalanced and fluctuating hormones, which then lead to PMS and mood swings along with health issues.  Plus demanding schedules often require enormous amounts of energy and stamina. For proactive/preventative steps, a few suggestions: (1) Eat real food – veggies, complex fruits, and healthy protein (but get sugars/carbs out); (2) Drink lots of water; (3) Make time for exercise; (4) Increase relaxing activities; (5) Reduce stress; (6) Reduce toxins that can have estrogen effects on the body.  In addition, the following nutrients offer nutritional support for women in these areas.

Shaklee Vitalizer – Convenient Six Tablet Daily Strip*

Convenient snap-off, put-in-your-pocket, run-out-the-door, away-you-go individually wrapped vitamin packs.   Includes 30-day supply of 6 tablets/day providing 80 essential nutrients that support the heart, immune system, digestive tract, provide energy, and help prevent cravings.


Excellent multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, well balanced and very well absorbed (with iron, without iron, and Gold for over 50).  Fills in the gaps missing in a good diet.  Bio-available folic acid coating helps reduce risk of birth defects.


The B vitamins have been shown to lower homocysteine in the blood stream, which may be a greater contributor to heart disease than smoking or cholesterol. Essential for brain, nerves and hormones.  Deficiency related to mood swings, anxiety, depression, cravings, skin disorders, hair loss, headaches and fatigue.  Deficiency can be caused by stress, sugar, caffeine and junk food.  Vita-C is an antioxidant and has been shown to reduce risks for cataracts, cancer, colds and viruses.  Shaklee’s 500mg Vita- C has a unique sustained-release system based on all-natural plant gums and waxes keeping high Vita-C levels in the blood for an amazing 24 hours.


Several studies have indicated full-spectrum Vitamin E may reduce risk of death of heart disease by a whopping 40%!  Shaklee Vita-E Complex also contains grapeseed extract that offers additional antioxidant protection for the heart. Antioxidant that protects against cell damage.   Reduces breast pain by helping with cystic breast disease, normalizes production of sex hormones, aids circulation and thus helps with varicose veins, hormone balancing (hot flashes relief).  Protects lungs from air pollution.  When combined with antioxidants Vita-C and CarotoMax the protection may be even greater. Carotenoids provide antioxidants to help prevent plaque from forming.  Omega 3 fatty acids make red blood cells more slippery to reduce risk of clots.  They also are important for the brain and to reduce inflammation.


Virtually the only acidophilus/bifidus product that guarantees delivery of 500,000 live microorganisms to the intestines restoring essential microbes needed in the lower intestines to choke out cancer-causing bacteria as well as Candida yeast overgrowths.  Restores the natural balance after taking antibiotics, chemotherapy or steroid medications, urinary tract infections, and ear infections.  Often aids flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, irritable bowel disease, allergies and sinus problems, colitis and Crohn’s disease, Candida, acid reflux.  Boosts immune system function.  A good healthy bacteria balance helps with detoxification and hormonal balancing.


Clinically Proven Absorption – Helps reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.  You need more than just calcium to build strong bones.  OsteoMatrix provides a unique matrix of critical nutrients including calcium, vitamins D & K, magnesium, and more to build and maintain strong bones. It’s clinically proven to increase calcium absorption, and its small, coated caplets are easy to swallow.


Depending on where we live, time of year, ancestry, lifestyle, most Americans need to boost levels.  Among many D3 benefits for overall health and well-being, Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that promotes immune system health, promotes strong bones and teeth by increasing calcium absorption, supports heart health, facilitates healthy cell development and may help prevent several types of cancer.

Iron Plus C Complex

Readily absorbed iron supplement, critical for red blood cells, especially important for vegetarians.  Increases resistance to stress and disease, improves respiratory function, and maternal iron affects IQ and coordination of a child.

Omega Guard Omega 3 Fatty Acids

In addition to balancing hormones, Omega 3 fatty acids are a natural anti-inflammatory reducing risks for heart attacks and strokes, blood clots, eczema, colitis, arthritis, MS, psoriasis, migraines (inflammatory conditions) and auto-immune conditions. Omega 3s raise HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce triglycerides and cholesterol. They are essential for the eyes and brain in developing fetuses and are believed to help prevent pre-term deliveries and toxemia.

GLA Complex

 Shaklee’s GLA Complex contains oil from seeds of the borage plant, the most concentrated natural source of gamma-linolenic acid available.  Our bodies are supposed to produce GLA to form prostaglandins (potent hormone-like compounds that impact virtually every body system).   Prostaglandins are important in regulating normal body processes such as blood pressure, blood clotting, and inflammation.  Reduces the symptoms of inflammation, PMS, breast tenderness, bloating, hormonal headaches, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, eczema, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, and Parkinson’s Disease tremors.  Our ability to produce adequate GLA is inhibited by stress, aging, smoking, diabetes, viral infections, alcohol consumption, processed fats, B-Complex and zinc deficiencies, and genetics.


Boosts immune system function (to resist viruses, bacteria, certain cancers).  Toxins, stress, sugars all reduce immune function.  Also, NutriFeron is clinically shown to reduce hot flashes. And, helps the body to naturally produce interferon, key component of the immune system. Made of 4 natural plant extracts.

Energizing Soy Protein, Cinch Shakes and Bars

Contains phytochemical compounds called isoflavones, found only in soybeans. Protein with vegetables or berries stabilizes blood sugar levels and hormone balance. Reduces cholesterol levels, helps prevent osteoporosis, reduces risk of breast cancer, helps control PMS and hot flashes (due to natural phytoestrogens), helps prevent fatigue, irritability, and hunger. Shaklee soy protein is always non-GMO.

Source:  Lagoni Health Associates     lagonihealth@shakleeoffice.com

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.