Possibilities are Inspiring

Hi Team,
More words of wisdom from Gary and in keeping with some of my recent thoughts.

I’ve thought many times about the time when I first met my Shaklee sponsor and he talked about the company, products and the business opportunity.   The question I’ve asked myself is simple, “what was it that he did/said that compelled me to evaluate Shaklee and stick with it?”
Basically what he did was he talked about the possibilities, the future and how great it was going to be.
What he didn’t do is leave out all talk about the possibilities.  When I do think of this I’m always thankful I was sponsored by this person I didn’t really know because he painted a verbal picture of what a successful person could have and do if they built a Shaklee business.
Think about this, when you have an appointment with a new person, do you talk about the possibilities…. earn a car payment, residual income, no ceiling on income, incentives such as Fast Track and travel, possibility of being self-employed which means the possibility of no boss.    Or do you talk about the company and the products and not talk about/show
the Dream Plan and all the incredible possibilities?
I know  either way will work, but for me if he had not showed me the income and other possibilities that first day, I doubt very much if I would have  been very diligent in evaluating Shaklee. I hate to think what I would be doing today if I missed out on this opportunity to build and grow a future for us and of course many others.
Think for a minute about what you tell/show people about what Shaklee has to offer.
Gary Burke

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