Planting seeds… and remembering to water

Hi Team,

This inspirational message from Sandy and Jo Coogan’s comments were so powerful I felt compelled to post it hear and invite all of you to respond. How often has that fear of appearing pushy prevented you from making a call, sending an e-mail, inviting one more time?

I really like the planting seeds analogy as I have really been reflecting on how the two new business leaders in my group are from seeds I planted 5 years ago. The thing is when you plant seeds you need to remember to water them or they won’t grow. Have you been doing enough planting and watering?

Something to think about.



Howdy, Team,   There are some very wise thoughts and concepts from Sandy Dietrich in this email.  Read what she has to say and think about it for awhile.  Who should you be staying in touch with…instead of thinking of it as “bugging” someone, you could think of it as “ignoring” that  person when you don’t maintain contact.   Remember Jeanne Toovell contacted and invited Toni Banner to Shaklee events and meetings and get togethers 22 times over a number of years before the timing was right for Toni.  Now Toni is an Sr. Ex. Coordinator in their organization with a FT Ex. Coord. Tammy Ale in her group.    Who are you ignoring?  JO

Dear friends,

Just wanted to share some thoughts about �being pushy� vs �sharing a gift�

I have found it a common thing in Shaklee for people to worry about being pushy. Sometimes when they don�t hear a response from someone, they assume that the person isn�t interested and that to continue to leave messages or invite is being pushy. I want to encourage you to keep planting seeds and sharing the gift of Shaklee.

In the last 2 weeks I have had 3 people contact me about Shaklee. 

One person on facebook that I have sent messages to at least 5 times over the last 5 months and never got one reply. Would you give up or feel pushy? I just kept being friendly and kept sending bits of info and invitations and today she face booked me asking for an appointment. She saw a Shaklee catalog at her hairdressers and looked through it and decided she wants to hear about the products. Her words were �of course I thought of you.� J

I also received an email from an old builder last week. He had been involved with building a Shaklee business probably 6 � 8 years ago. A few months ago he came to mind so I put him in my email loop and began sending him emails every week or so. I asked to get together and update him on what was new, I invited him to meetings, I asked about his family and work�. I did not hear anything back from him. Would you give up or feel pushy? He emailed me last week and is interested in getting back into Shaklee. He has a new prospect for the business, is coming to our next meeting, setting up autoship, doing a call with him tonight� J

Another old builder called me and is interested in getting back into Shaklee. She had moved away for several years and gotten away from the products. I continued to send her a newsletter. Recently her relative had excellent results with nutriferon,  she decided to get back on some products, and has a need for some extra income. She is coming to our next meeting! Timing is everything!

If you are genuine, kind, feel that Shaklee is a gift, and continue to plant Shaklee seeds – people will remember you fondly; and when the time is right, they will get a hold of you to help them grow!!

Keep sharing and feel free to call if you want to talk!



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