Performance = Peak Performance

Performance Sports Drink seems to dissapear around our house during hot summer weather. Here is a reminder from my friend Jenny not to forget to use it for activities even on days when it is not as hot.

What a difference Performance makes! I have never doubted the science behind Shaklee’s products, but having a personal experience demonstrating the effectiveness of Shaklee’s products is very powerful.   

I began an outdoor bootcamp class and our first class was on a 95 degree day. I prepared Performance and drank it before, during and after. I felt great throughout the class; I was able to push myself and left feeling like I had a hard workout.             

Two days later the temperature barely hit 60 degrees. On this day I chose not to take Performance and brought water instead. I started out strong and really pushed myself, however, by the second half of the workout I began to struggle in keeping my body moving. I started to get a stomachache and felt spent. I was shocked at the difference I felt between these two workouts just two days apart. It was apparent to me that the difference was in the Performance. Needless to say, I have not gone to bootcamp without my Performance and I have had some great workouts.

Jenny Utrie

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