Performance fuels 700 mile bike ride

Received this wonderful testimonial from a new customer yesterday and had to share it.
I am nearly done with my 700 mile bike ride to raise money for the UW Cancer Research Foundation.  I started on July 4th and am scheduled to finish on August 4th, my 70th birthday.  I ride anywere from 25 to 70 miles per ride.  The heat is unbearable so I leave at sunrise or ride late in the day.  Every time I go out my water bottle is filled with the Shaklee Performance hydration drink.  It really does what the label says!  Gone are the occasional cramps two hours later and the next day I am ready to go again.  Incredible product.  I don’t leave home without it!
Every high school sports coach should have their athletes use it.
Dave Norby

Dave’s ride is dedicated to raising money for cancer research at the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center in Madison. If you would like to encourage his ride with a donation leave a comment here and I will connect you with him.


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