Out of my comfort zone

Hey Team – I have to confess – since I sent my goals off to Gary Burke last week saying I was aiming to have 3-5 appointments a week a bit of anxiety set in – how was I going to get appointments? Who was I going to call? I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit today and went on a brief calling blitz (15 minutes) left a bunch of messages. “Hi___ this is Monica – I have a quick question for you – could you give me a call.” AND someone actually called back and I scored an appointment. This was a friend from church and bible study who has known for years about my Shaklee business, but I never asked her to sit down with me.

What was my approach – “I know I have talked a bit about my Shaklee business to you, but I am reaching out to people to invite them to get together and learn a bit about what I do – would you be willing to get together and hear about what I do for a living and why I am passionate about it? There is no obligation for you to do anything and It would mean a lot to me to share that part of my life with you.”

The point – we all know so many people from different areas of our life – some know about Shaklee, some don’t. It’s time to quit worrying about what people may think and reach out to tell the Shaklee story more often. The fun part is presenting, but if we don’t ask we will never find an audience.


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