Opening the Door

 Hi Team,

I was reflecting on Gary’s message today and really like the analogy of the opportunity being like opening a door. It is a good frame of reference when approaching people – Remember we are just inviting them to open the door and take a look at what Shaklee has to offer. It is there choice if they want to walk through the door and join us.


At times I just think about how this Shaklee opportunity has changed the lives that Faye and I have.   It really is amazing to me what has happened all because I saw an idea, decided to check it out, found out it was in fact true, set some goals, and then bought in on the idea of doing the work.
I often think back about what was it that really captured my attention when I first saw this business presented.   It was possibilities!   Plain and simple……Possibilities!   For me it wasn’t just the company and/or products….that was certainly a vital part, but it was really about what was possible if a person found out the story is true and then worked hard and consistently for a few years.  
The possibilities are there for anyone and everyone who wants a better life in terms of health and of course finances.   Look at it this way, opportunity is a door.  Just a simple door.  What you have to do is make the effort to open that door, see what’s there, check it out, make some decisions, then work hard and you too will experience success in Shaklee that has the possibility to change your life in many ways.
Believe me friends, if you are willing to put in the work it takes to build to whatever level you personally choose, go through the setbacks, obstacles and become a problem solver, you will never, ever regret it.   Most people don’t have regrets about what they have done, for the most part,  it’s about those things they didn’t do.
Think about it.
Gary Burke

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