My Liberation Day

February 22, 2005 seemed like any other day when it started. I had done the 40 mile drive to work in a small town west of Madison so many times that I was often on autopilot. This was my solitary think time – my mind was wandering and then a blurb came on the radio – the company I worked for was closing some facilities… My gut told me something was up.

Sure enough once I arrived at the office the buzz was that we all needed to gather at the main headquarters (about a mile away) for a special meeting for all salaried employees. On the way to the meeting I called my husband. “I’m going to lose my job today” I told him. He was in disbelief.

At the meeting they announced that they were laying off 200 salaried employees that day and everyone needed to go back to their desks and sit by their phone!!! I called my husband again on my way back to my office. More emphatically than the first time I told him. “I’m going to lose my job today”. He still didn’t believe me. “They wouldn’t do that to you Monica, you’ve been their so long…”

I had barely sat down at my desk when the phone rang –  “Yes I will be right over”. One more phone call to my husband. “This is really happening – I was the first one they called.”

Who was assigned this task of delivering the message that after 19 years the corporation no longer needed me?  A woman I had known for just about that long from Human Resources and the current head of my department. A young woman who ironically had been an intern when I was a manager some years earlier. I could tell she was very nervous and had difficulty looking at me. Although I did have some churning in my stomach I also had a sense of excitement and anticipation. Her anxious mannerisms turned to amazement when she saw the big smile on my face as they presented me with an attractive severance package.

I enthusiastically signed the paperwork that said I would not sue them and that I understood they had to eliminate my position. I was instructed to go back to my desk and gather any important personal belongings and leave the premises immediately. The people in my department were also amazed that this news of losing my job had brought  a smile to my face and a spring to my step.

Why was I so happy?

I had already decided that my future did not lie in this corporate job. My future path was an entrepreneurial one growing a Shaklee business  and helping others do the same.

I was also instructed that I was to return on Saturday morning to clean out my desk while a security person monitored my activity. This actually was the most unsavory part of the whole experience. Although this is probably standard practice in the corporate world I must admit to be treated like this after 19 loyal years of service felt a bit punitive.

There was one wave of nostalgia that came over me as I poured through all the stuff I had accumulated in my little cubicle. One moment when I got a bit teary eyed and then it was gone. And a wave of excitement and freedom came over me. I was starting a new way of life. One where I got to control my schedule and what my future looked like.

Seven years later I have learned so much about myself, developed so many new skills, met so many new people, broadened my circle of friends, and business associates. A huge thank you to all who have helped me along the way. The future looks very bright. I have much to celebrate today.





3 comments to My Liberation Day

  • rebecca

    I’m so glad you got to leave your corporate job otherwise I would never have been introduced to Shaklee. I have enjoyed getting to know you and I have really enjoyed the products that you and Young have introduced me to. Thank you!

  • Patti Conners

    Monica, that was so very interesting! I kind of knew your story but not all that much. How wonderful that you already knew, when you did need to leave, where your future was, with Shaklee. And look at your exciting group now—-yay for all of you! Patti

  • Monica

    Thanks ladies for the feedback. Rebecca you just made my day. You are so sweet. I have enjoyed getting to know you too. I’m very excited that you will be coming to Las Vegas with us for the Shaklee International Conference. I predict it will be a life changing experience for you.

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