My Goals

Hi Team,

I’m excited about our team and want to do my part to help us win the flip cam corder. So I divided 500 points by 6 and came up with 83 points a piece. I realize this is a lofty goal, but I’m ready to go after it. So I have 13 points currently in my tracker and should get 25 for convention bringing me to 38 – leaving 45 points for me to get. This is how I plan to earn the 45 points-┬áSponsoring – gold – 6, distributors 4, members 7. Now I need to figure out how many appointments a week I need to accomplish this goal.

Annual Goal by next June – Rank of Senior Executive Coordinator. Win the Bahamas trip, win the Bora Bora Trip and be driving a Shaklee car. I will need to develop two new first level directors and help them develop directors under them in order to meet this goal.


3 comments to My Goals

  • Julie

    My goal is to reach Senior Director rank by the convention next year helping 2 people qualify as Directors.

    Thank you so much Monica for working with us. I look forward to an exciting Shaklee year with all of you. Julie ­čÖé

    • Monica

      Hi ladies,
      Thanks for posting your goals – there is power in writing it down. Good news Julie – if you help two people become Directors you will be a Coordinator not a Senior Director. It’s going to be a great year.

  • Rebecca

    My goal is to be a Director, stongly on the way to Sr. Director. I plan to help two people qualify as director. Thanks so much for working with me Monica. I really appreciate it! Rebecca

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