My condition resolved…

Touching people’s lives in a positive way is so rewarding. This message from a customer was the highlight of my week.

I don’t usually do this and would not endorse a product unless I totally believed in it.

If anyone has used Shaklee products and knows their reputation for producing quality products, I won’t need to expound much on that fact.  For those who don’t know Shaklee, here is your chance to learn about them, connect with a representative and perhaps try some for yourself.  Shaklee creates environmentally friendly cleaning products, health products and much more.  I can attest the effectiveness of their cleaning products as well as specifically their probiotic.  I had been treating a condition for 2 years (resulting from surgical antibiotics).  Monica Marrone, suggested I try Shaklee’s.  Unfortunately for Monica, I no longer need to use probiotics.  My condition resolved, I believe as a result of using the Shaklee product!

It is hard not to go on and on about the value of these goods.  If you’d like to reconnect with them, or get introduced for the first time, please get in touch with Monica.  Besides the benefits Shaklee offers, Monica is a wonderful person as well.


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