More Inviting Ideas

For families with school aged kids.


Small talk to open conversation.

Well _________ the reason for my call today is that I am touching base with families I know with school aged kids. Something pretty amazing happened at the Shaklee conference that I attended a few weeks ago. They introduced this new plan called the Dream Plan. It’s really exciting because I can make extra money right now (that we really need) and be driving a Shaklee car by next year.  But the really neat part is this part they call Tru Infinity. I realized that the  work I do now to grow my business will continue to pay off in the years to come and eventually I can pass it down to my kids. I’m wondering how you would feel about a concept like that – working part time for 2-5 years to start something that could help you pay for your kids college education and continue to pay them long after you are gone?

For people in the business community.

Hi ___________

The reason for my call is that I am touching base with smart people I know in the business community to invite them to evaluate this new plan from Shaklee called the Dream Plan. Our CEO Roger Barnett keeps finding ways to pay us more money and I got really excited because this new plan includes lots of extra perks early on including cars and travel, but the really amazing part is this part they call Tru Infinity which will pay out as the name implies to Infinity. That means forever here in the US and around the world. It’s a pretty big concept and I always thought of you as a big thinker so I’ld like to get together with you and show you how it works. If it isn’t the right fit for you – maybe you can connect me with some people who may want to take a look. I’m open for lunch next week on Tuesday or Thursday – which day works best for you?


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